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This company is the rudest and terrorizing bully there can be,

they called us wanting 25 ping pong balls imprinted, however we have a minium order of 60 balls, as there are some costs with printing , set up, inks, printing plate, all of which we pay for , we do not charge any of these costs to our clients, so we need the minimum to be 60 balls, the caller said that it was bad customer service not to provide the 25 balls, we advised the call that we knew of another company that sells the balls with no minimum and the caller said that she could not buy from that company as she had a problem with them too. we told her sorry that we knew of no other company.

The caller called back demanding, threaten us saying that she needs the 25 balls and we need to provide it, we advised the caller again that we have a minimum of 60 balls, as the printing plate alone costs more than 25 balls, the caller hung up. The caller sent us an email saying that she was going plaster our company negatively every review blog. We called her company as asked to speak with someone in charge, the person we spoke to as we were telling what was going on told us to "shut up" and asked are you going to sell us the 25 balls, This company is rude and their thinking they can torment , threaten another person or company is... speaks for itself,

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hey tell you right up front they are ready to kick ads and take names anyone who using that as their selling point, should tell you the level of their thinking :p


nice slogan, sounds like they are ready to fight :(


that is their slogan on their blog

they sound like bullies

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